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"Ian and his team took care in studying the company, talked to me about my needs, and then started building a package that would work. A short while later, my building was funded."


What do I do? is where I post articles, case studies and other resources, all designed to help the small business owner in the financial aspect of their business. Whether you’re just starting or growing your business, I bet you’ll find something useful in this website. My goal is to teach you and work with you to make your business grow.

How can I help?

You can see the range of services that my team offers in the Services. I focus on working with you on the financial aspect of your business. That means planning when and how to raise money, and managing that money to maximize returns. There’s no limit to how much, you can raise. I’ve worked with clients on raising from Php 5 Million to even Php 100 Million. Different amounts require different teams, and my organization can handle it.

What started all of this?

In 2011, I worked in a bank as a lending officer. I was in charge of lending and managing loans for real estate developers. Eventually the scope of responsibilities expanded, and I handled a diverse set of clients.Over those years I found out one painful truth…businesses who really need loans can’t get them, because they don’t know how to plan. I saw businesses that have huge potentials suffer. All the banks they approached refused to give them money, at the time when they really needed it.I am fascinated with businesses since high school. I saw them as engines of change and prosperity. They can change the life of their employees and their owners. So to be honest, I felt bad knowing that these businesses can’t get the funding they needed.It was a while before I discovered where they went after that. They got loans from loan sharks, people who give ridiculous rates (as high as 36% per year!). If they didn’t hit a home run in sales, they would likely fail in less than a year.

Mission and the Initial Struggle – Story

After a few years, my fascination with business turned to an itch to start something on my own. Exposed to a ton of business, and having a lot of talented mentors, I began to see many opportunities in finance. A lot of investments can be made, and a lot of capital is available to make those investments. I knew I had to start somewhere to get this engine going.Helping other businesses raise money was the perfect way to start. Finding the right clients was hard at first. Some businesses don’t really know they need help in financing until they’re in a tight spot. But eventually, I found the right partners<link>, and the rest is history.

Current Projects

Now, I work with multiple businesses, helping them raise money and grow their businesses. My team has collectively raised more than a Php 100 Million in funding over the last 3 months alone, and we’re on track to working with more soon. If you want to know more about what we do, and how we can work together, head over the Start Here page, or the Services page.


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